About Alexander Technique

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The Alexander Technique is an educational method that teaches how to increase conscious awareness and develop greater control of one’s psychophysical functioning. Through hands-on guidance and verbal feedback from the teacher the student gains awareness of previously subconscious habits of tension and mal-coordination (misuse) and their detrimental impact on movement and functioning. In the lesson students learn to think in activity, with the use of ordinary acts of standing, sitting, walking, as well as a wide range of other everyday and specialized movement activities such as: playing an instrument, golfing, public speaking, computer use, and wheelchair and cane use, etc.  (This is AmSAT copyrighted material)

The Alexander Technique is:

  • A method of “re-education of the kinaesthetic systems associated with improved bodily postures and respiration.
  • An educational method
    • where a student learns how to recognized and change habitual patterns of subconscious interference, it provides a means of improving general functioning.
    • through which individuals learn to improve the way in which they use themselves in any activity.
    • by which the student gains the awareness and ability to consciously maintain the relationship of the head, neck and torso in a way that will lesson unnecessary muscular tension and improve the general coordination and functioning of the self.
  • teaches one to recognize and change habits that interfere with our primary control: the basic relationship of the head and trunk that organizes our muscular support against gravity. Through this process, students learn to improve the ways in which they use themselves in any activity.
  • teaches how to use the thought and increased awareness to correct habits that interfere with optimal coordination.
  • enables a recognition of certain subconscious responses that interfere with the most efficient and effective use of the self in any activity and the knowledge of the means to prevent and change them.

(This is AmSAT copyrighted material)