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Alice MooreAlice Moore is a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique, with over 1600 hours of training that included a one year, supervised internship. She studied with Sumi Komo, a second generation, Master Alexander Technique teacher, and graduated from the Alexander Technique Moving Arts Centre® Teacher Training Program. She is member, in good standing, of the American Society of Alexander Technique Teachers.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Southwestern University and an MBA from St Edwards University. Alice enjoys her dogs and cats and lives with her life Partner in Austin, Texas.

Alice had a 30 year career in the High Tech computer industry. She enjoyed road cycling, hiking, swimming, learning new things, reading and traveling. Her life was forever changed after experiencing a disabling neck condition that left her in chronic pain and with significant physical limitations.  She was unable to continue working or enjoying the physical hobbies she loved. In her search for ways to work with the chronic pain and limited mobility, the Alexander Technique allowed her to better manage the chronic pain and mobility issues.  During Alexander Technique lessons, she learned to change how she used her mind / body in stillness and movement.  Over time, changing her psychophysical use allowed her to better manage the physical and  psychological pain.

Alice is passionate to share the benefits of the psychophysical experience that the Alexander Technique provides. Her life experiences, gives her a unique perspective on how the Alexander Technique can benefit people from all walks of life. During her Alexander Technique training, she researched how the Alexander Technique might help with fall prevention in the aging population.  She would like to teach adults The Alexander Technique to allow them to improve quality of life, balance and skills for avoiding falls. It’s never too late in life to learn something new. The Alexander Technique gives people an opportunity to positively influence their quality of life.